About us

Consistently great haircuts

Here's what we don't agree with:

Barbers not listening to what you want

Rushing you to fit in as many haircuts

Barbers who just don't give a damn

About us Mancave Barbershop

The Mancave Experience

We're passionate about our haircut, from start to finish.

We listen

No hair or head shape is the same. All our barbers take their time and listen to exactly what and how you want your haircut.

Family Service

Customers are the heart and soul of our business. That's why we go a step further to treat every haircut as if it were a family member of ours.

Great, every time

Having a great haircut isn't good enough. We set our standards to provide quality haircuts every single time you visit us.

Mancave Philosophy

We like to keep things simple.

Quality Haircuts

We know you're after the same great haircut each time you visit.


Here we serve like your family


We're invested in the growth of our barbers.

Franchise Family

We can't thank our franchisees enough.
Our growth wouldn't be possible without them.
With our proven system, we've grown to a family of 12 stores.

Mancave Franchises

Who we are

Immigration story; reason for getting into the industry; where we want to take mancave