Burst Fades - Everything you need to know about this haircut (and if you should get one)

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Alright gents. What exactly is a burst fade? A few if not most of our barbers have rocked a burst fade once and it’s definitely different to a mullet. The best way to describe it is with a photo. Check it out above.

What is a burst fade?

Simply put it’s a type of fade. But rather than the traditional fade which goes around the back of head, the fade travels down the side. So think of it as an in between a taper and full fade. What’s great about the burst fade is the shape it adds to your head. More about it next.

burst fade style

Should you get a burst fade? And who’s it best suited for?

When getting any haircut, always consider your head shape. The great thing about a burst fade is - you’re not cutting off all the hair at the back of your head. Meaning you’ll have extra weight and volume there. Basically - you’re able to add extra shape to the back of your head. So if you’re someone like me who has a flat back head, a burst fade can add a more balanced look to your silhouette.

burst fade with short top haircut

How to Ask for a Burst Fade at the Barber

Honestly, pictures are worth a thousand words. Cliche but it works. Provide different angles so your barber can properly see what you see. Also! With pictures, your barber is also able to give you some feedback if your head shape and hair type will suit the look you’re going for. We always preach to our barbers to provide honest feedback to customers.


How is a burst fade different from a mullet?

As the name suggests, a burst fade is simply a type of fade. Whereas a mullet is a style of the back of your head. In most cases, a burst fade is usually paired with a mullet (long or short) 


What hairstyles should you rock with a burst fade?

Usually burst fades are paired with short and medium hair lengths for the top. This is so you have a balance in hair as you move towards the back of your burst fade - creating that even look. I wouldn’t recommend pairing a pompadour hairstyle with a burst… it might look off but hey do let us know if you make it work!

Styling Products and Techniques

Because you’re working with short to medium hair lengths, a mixture of different styling products can do wonders.

  • Styling powders - great to add texture and volume while achieving a matte finish (non shiny). We use Slick Gorilla.
  • Waxes - an amazing all rounder. We’ve been using Muk with a strong hold and medium shine. Spread it through your hands to heat it up and evenly spread it through your hair for that messy volume look.

Maintenance of a Burst Fade

Like all fades, you’re looking at 1-2 weeks of ‘freshness’ for a burst fade. Though if you’re looking to prolong your fade as long as possible, ask for the shortest length to start your fade. So I’m talking skin or double zero. This way the hair will take longer to grow out, leaving you with a longer ‘freshness’ to your fade. It’s more work on the barbers end but hey - we need to look after our customers best interests.