Different types of Taper Fade Haircuts to Try and Show your Barber

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager

  • taper fades are a great understated & low key look to add that freshness to your look
  • it's a great choice of haircut if you're looking to grow longer lengths on top and as well to rock the shorter cuts

Here's some visuals to work with and show your barber

Should you go for a low, mid or high taper?

It'll depend on the look you're going for. Generally the lower the taper, the more subtle it is.

The higher you go - more fresh it is and definitely stands out more.

It'll also depend on how long you want to maintain that fresh look between cuts - higher tapers usually last longer because you're cutting more hair.

If you'd like a deeper guide - I recommend checking out our article on the differences.


  • Always consider your face shape - if you have a rounder head shape, going higher in your fades generally makes your face appear more round and vice versa
  • Always consider what your hair is doing on top - are you growing it out? Are you cutting it short like a buzz cut? Think about this when choosing which taper you go for
  • When in doubt - always ask your barber.

Our talented crew is always here to help! So if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our crew at one of our locations.