How to Ask Your Barber for a Fade (High-Mid-Low Fades)

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager


  • photos are the best way to ask for a haircut - you can use our haircut finder tool here
  • point out key things you like about a certain haircut (e.g. you like how the back is shaped a certain way)
  • always confirm and ask if the barber has any opinions (they're the experts!)

Know which fade you actually want

When asking for a fade the biggest thing that can go wrong saying the wrong type of fade.

You might be seeing something in your head, but your barber might not!

So let's lay out some of the fades you can get, because the more you know and can explain - the easier it is for your barber to understand.

The fade is all about that smooth transition, giving you a clean, modern look. But what's the difference between high, mid, and low fades? Let's break it down:

  • High Fade: The blending starts very high on the head, providing a strong contrast with the hair on top. Ideal for a bold, modern style.
  • Mid Fade: A balanced cut that sits between the high and low fade, offering versatility and a subtle decrease in hair length.
  • Low Fade: The fade reaches approximately half an inch above the ear, perfect for those looking for a more understated look.

Variations of the fade haircut

  • Taper Fade
  • Burst Fade
  • Mullet Fade

Check out our Haircut Finder to see these differences visually.

How to Ask Your Barber for a Fade

  1. Know What You Want: Understand the type of fade you want. Bring reference pictures to ensure clear communication.
  2. Let your barber know what you want: Where do you want your fade to start or end? How do you style your hair? These definitely help our barbers!
  3. Consider Your Head and Face Shape: Ask your barber for advice on what fade complements your features.
  4. Discuss Maintenance: Understand how often you'll need to visit the barbershop to keep your fade looking fresh.

Tips for Maintaining Your Fade

  • Regular Trims: Visit your barber every 2-4 weeks to maintain the style.
  • Use Quality Products: Invest in hair products that enhance and maintain the fade.
  • Follow Your Barber's Advice: Your barber knows best! Follow their tips for at-home care.

Whether you go for a high, mid, or low fade, communication is key. At Mancave Barbershop, our crew has got you covered. We'll listen and figure out the best cut to suit you. Ready for a fade that turns heads? Book your appointment today!


  • Is a fade better for thick hair? A high fade creates a dramatic effect, ideal for thick hair.
  • Can a fade be done at home? It's achievable but requires practice and patience.
  • How often should I get a fade haircut? Every 2-4 weeks to maintain the style.