How to Attract High-Value Customers to Your Barbershop

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Here's the thing. We're in the service industry.

Customers are the oxygen for any business, especially ours as barbers.

So in this guide, you'll learn how to attract the high value customers to your barbershop and learn how to keep them coming back.

Step 1: Know and understand your customer - like know know.

Here's how we define high-value customers:

  • those who come back each and every time
  • they love your service
  • they'll pay whatever for your work
  • they'll recommend you to all their friends and family
  • they're great to work and have a chat with

Now when you think about this definition, does anyone or customer of yours come up?

Great! Create a list of reasons why they've chosen you as their barber, or why they would want to.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Customer: wants a barber who listens and take their time
  • Customer: wants a barber who knows how to use scissors
  • Customer: wants a barber who can have a laugh

There's probably a bunch of marketing ideas coming along now hey?

For now create a wants list for your ideal customer, and your existing customers.

Let's keep going.

Step 2: Create or tailor your services based on these wants

We tell our Franchisees this all the time.

Keep things simple. Give the customers what they want.

Based on your wants list from step 1, come up with some actionables.

How can you change and improve your service to cater for your customers wants?

It can be something as simple as; greeting your customers when entering.

Asking and offering a complimentary service like a quick eyebrow trim.

This is entirely based on your ideal customer, and every shop will have a different list!

Step 3: Test and Get Feedback

With any plan or strategy, it's really just an experiment.

Be action-focused and try to implement these wants as part of your services.

Then ask, how are my customers responding? Do they like it? Are they recommending their friends?

It's a hard lesson I've learnt but in business, there's no such thing as failures. It's simply learnings.

Okay now we've done the foundational stuff which can get you most of the way there.

Now how do we reach and find more of these high value customers?

Let's refer to some of our systems we've put in place for our franchisees.


What do your customers feel or think about when they mention your brand?

Branding is often confused with a good looking logo and photos.

Though this helps, you and I both know it's not about that.

Here's how we see branding.

It's how you show the world your values.

Want your brand to show you give great haircuts?

Give the world proof of this.

It comes down to your messaging, the content you create, how you speak with customers, how you respond to customer, and more!

Luckily, our franchisees have got this covered as we're heavily investing into this as we know it only helps customers trust us, and helps customers connect with our franchises.

Use Social Media to show how you're focusing on customer wants

See how handy step 1 is?

Use Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube as a way to show how you're giving what your customers want.

If customers want a barber who listens... ask yourself how can you create content which shows this?

Simple - record an initial consultation you have with a customer.

Show off how you ask questions, how you confirm their haircut, show how you communicate with customers.

Reviews, Testimonials, Body of Work

Part of a strong barbershop brand which attracts high value customers - give damn good haircuts.

And as a customer, they see it in forms of:

  • reviews - so Google or Word of Mouth reviews
  • Testimonials - this can be shown through your haircuts
  • Body of Work - how many customers are leaving happy

Without these, your brand is lacking the credibility which these high value customers would probably want!

Paid Marketing & Ads

This is last for a reason. The tips and steps I've listed above are the essential components to getting more of the customers you want for your barbershop.

Without it, there's not much of a point in running paid marketing.


Think about how a customer would interact with your ads.

  • so they'll see your ad
  • they'll click on your website
  • they don't see many reviews or any recent ones
  • they check out your social media and it looks the same as every other barbershop

Then they'll swipe off.

Again, we do this for all of our Mancave Franchise partners because it's super important to be on top of every touchpoint our customers have with us.

And if you made it this far, thank you! If you found this helpful, and think anyone else can benefit from reading this please share this with them.

If you're looking to work or partner with us, we welcome you!

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