Most Underrated Skills As a Barber: We Asked the Mancave Crew

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Ever wondered what makes a barber successful? You might be thinking fades, techniques and equipment.

Though these are super important, I wanted to find out directly from our crew at Mancave Barbershop.

Here's what they had to say.

Communication comes first

"Your haircut doesn't start when they sit in your chair. It starts with the greeting you give them when entering," Ali - Mancave Barbershop Miranda.

It's all about making the client feel comfortable. And it's this feeling of comfort which can turn your haircut great or... bad.

Tatiana mentioned "when your energy is low and down; customers can feel it"

And I couldn't agree less. As a barber your customer isn't just asking for a haircut. Don't forget that it's a whole process.

Consistency is King

Our barbers agree, "Clients would much rather have a good haircut every time, than a great one every now and then."

So, if you're a barber, focus on delivering consistently great haircuts. And if you're a client, find a barber who does just that.

Community Vibes

Being a barber is about being a part of the community. "Donate to charity, give haircut deals to local schools, and give a free haircut for someone in need," our barbers suggest.

It's about giving back. And guess what? People love to support local businesses that care.

Not only will this help your barbershop, it'll also help you build up your portfolio of clients who come for your haircuts.

If you're interested in attracting better clients - pro tip - it starts with you! Read more here.

Never Stop Learning

Our barbers are always learning, always growing. "Invest in their learning and prioritise creating a workspace to help them grow in their careers and personal goals," they advise. So, the next time you see your barber trying a new technique, know that they're doing it for you.

Location, Location, Location

Where your barbershop is located can make a big difference. A shop in a busy area can attract more clients. But remember, it's also about fitting into the local community and standing out from the competition.

So, there you have it. Barbering isn't just about the cut. It's about the chat, the consistency, the community, the learning, and the location. It's about mastering these underrated skills. And that's how we do it at Mancave Barbershop.