Signs You're Ready to Start Your Own Barbershop

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager


  • It's a numbers game. How much capital do you have available and or how much can you finance. We're dealing with physical stores it's a given.
  • Money aside, you need to be busy ready - technically, mentally and emotionally

Financially you're stable

You're financially stable and confident in your ability to handle the financial responsibilities of owning your own barbershop.

Before taking the leap, always assess the investment opportunity and conduct a thorough risk assessment.

How much capital will you need, foot traffic analysis and location research.

Don't forget to take into account your personal spending and determine if they are sufficient to cover initial expenses such as leasing a space, purchasing equipment, and hiring staff if necessary.

A little planning now goes a long way!

You're an established barber

Now although it isn't the best practice to pouch clients from the barbershop you're working at - it is a good sign if you have customers coming back for you and you only.

It means you're doing something right! And what you're doing now is retaining a client.

We always advocate it's better to keep a client than try get a new one.

And it's often a sign you're great at your craft, you're great at communicating and you're a solid human!

If you're wanting to read into it more, we have an article on why customer retention is the backbone for all our Mancave Barbershops

Passion of being a barber

I'll see it straight. Being a barber is tough and rewarding at the same time.

You're standing on your left most days, and it can arguably get boring.

Though you're making a huge difference helping men, teens and kids look and feel fresh!

You've got to be passionate to stay in this industry, let alone starting and owning a barbershop - it's the industry x 10.

Showing up each and every day is the 80% of the way to becoming barber and running a successful barbershop.

And if you are passionate we would love to hear from you. We've got franchising opportunities all across Australia!

You're organised and a people person

You'll soon realise owning your barbershop is completely different to being a barber.

What was once clocking on and off, giving great haircuts and having a chat with customers has now become:

  • scheduling
  • payments
  • phone calls
  • emails
  • inventory control
  • marketing
  • leasing

Though it's not just barbershops - it's every business.

So it's super important to be organised and a people person.

You'll find out you're always talking and building relationships with people so if you're great at these two it only helps.

You're already managing a barbershop

Managing a barbershop requires a deep understanding of its daily operations. As the owner and manager, you need to have strong skills in staff management, marketing strategies, inventory management, customer retention, and service pricing.

If you're already doing this, then it won't be rocket science starting your own barbershop.

Luckily, our franchising opportunity aims to streamline the process from finding a location to building your barbershop - so you can get straight into what you do best.

Running a barbershop. Again, let us know if you'd like to have a chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Capital Is Typically Needed to Start a Barbershop?

Starting your own barbershop is a black box. Depending on what you're looking for and your vision, it could be anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000.

With our franchising opportunities we recommend a rough range of $120,000 - $180,000 initial capital as we've developed a turnkey process to build your Mancave Barbershop.

Is it hard to get customers to your barbershop?

We've found organic foot traffic to be very kind. Of course we do the research for all our Mancave Barbershop Franchisees - we've found the community genuinely want to give you a go.

This means from day one it's all about providing great service, quality and consistent haircuts and a warm welcome when they visit.

Once we give them a great haircut, you'll have a customer for life.

How long does it generally take to design and build a barbershop?

If this is your first time, it could take 3-4 months depending on who you know and who you reach out to.

For our franchisees, it generally takes 10-12 weeks from design to a completed construction.