What Makes a Barbershop Successful? Here's What Our Barbers Say

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager


  • Don't overcomplicate things - success comes from fantastic customer service, quality haircuts and consistency
  • Our barbers say the challenge is ensuring these 3 remain at high levels at all times
  • Here's some of their lessons and learnings you can take

Barbershops are an amazing business despite the challenges of the industry.

It's very easy to make profits, and it's very easy to lose profits.

I've asked our barbers and franchise owners what their tips to run a successful barbershop with a loyal community.

Technique matters, but how you communicate comes first

Your haircut doesn't start when they sit in your chair. It starts with the greeting you give them when entering, and shouldn't really end at all.

Sar and Sam from Mancave Barbershop Oran Park:

"Just make them feel comfortable"

Nobody likes awkwardness, so us as barbers and barbershop owners should make how we communicate with clients our #1 priority.

We've found most clients come back for a good haircut and stay for the great chats.

And really, as a barbershop customer retention is the biggest key to any level of success or growth.

Quality haircuts, every damn time.

As a client myself I understand haircuts will vary from haircut to haircut.

Though what's not acceptable is having huge differences in haircuts each and every time.

We've found clients would much rather have a good haircut every time, than a great one every now and then.

And of course, that's why it's one of our core philosophies at Mancave.

If you're a barber, focus on delivering consistently great haircuts over perfection.

Barbershop owners, encourage your barbers to understand the fundamentals of a haircut. Fundamentals lead to consistency. Consistency leads to quality.

Be Community-focused

70% of our customer base across all stores in Australia are within 5-10km of the store.

That's why we place a core emphasis on giving, giving and giving.

Donate to charity, give haircut deals to local schools, and give a free haircut for someone in need.

We've found a lot of Aussies prefer to support local, and one of the best ways to be 'local' is to put your community first.

It might involve discounting your services initially - see it as a marketing investment.

Long term, you'll develop the good will with customers so they'll keep coming back to support you.

Invest in your team

Think about it like this. Your team is what's driving the ship.

You as the manager or owner are steering.

That's why it's crucial to put your team first.

Invest in their learning and prioritise creating a workspace to help them grow in their careers and personal goals.

Our team helps us deliver all the key points above and below. Without them we're nothing!

Location with Foot Traffic

Location is a key factor in the success of any business, and barbershops are no exception.

A shop located in a busy area with high foot traffic can attract more clients. However, it's also important to consider the competition in the area and the needs of the local community.


1. How important is location for a successful barbershop?Location is crucial for the success of a barbershop. A shop located in a busy area with high foot traffic can attract more clients. However, it's also important to consider the competition in the area and the needs of the local community.

2. How does a barbershop build a loyal community?Building a loyal community starts with excellent communication. From the moment a client walks in, they should feel comfortable and welcomed. Consistent, quality haircuts and engaging conversations are key to customer retention. Additionally, being community-focused and supporting local causes can help build goodwill and loyalty.

3. What role does the team play in a successful barbershop?The team is the driving force of a successful barbershop. Investing in their learning and creating a workspace that helps them grow in their careers and personal goals is crucial. A skilled, motivated team can deliver consistent, quality haircuts and excellent customer service.

4. How can a barbershop maintain consistent quality in haircuts?Maintaining consistent quality in haircuts starts with understanding the fundamentals of a haircut. Barbers should focus on delivering consistently great haircuts over perfection. Regular training and skill development can also help maintain high standards.

5. How can a barbershop contribute to the local community?A barbershop can contribute to the local community in several ways. This can include donating to charity, offering haircut deals to local schools, and providing free haircuts for those in need. Such initiatives not only build goodwill but also strengthen the shop's local presence.

6. How does a barbershop balance between quality and profitability?Balancing quality and profitability requires a focus on customer retention. While delivering consistent, quality haircuts is essential, so is creating a comfortable and engaging environment for clients. Investing in the team and community initiatives can also contribute to long-term profitability.

7. What are some marketing strategies for a successful barbershop?Marketing strategies for a successful barbershop can include offering discounts or deals, especially to local schools or community members. Building a strong online presence through social media and search engine optimization (SEO) can also help attract new clients. Lastly, word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers can be a powerful marketing tool.