What makes a barbershop successful? We asked our store owners

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager


  • Communication, community and being customer-driven
  • We're in the service game - provide quality haircuts, respect the customer and treat everyone (including staff) like family

The barber industry as a whole has elevated. Barbers are pushing the boundaries with fades, haircuts and services. But what truly sets apart your barbershop from others are the non-technicals. The non-tangibles like community support, experiences in your store and the whole vibe surrounding your brand.

With 13 stores and counting, we've asked our store owners what they think are the keys to a successful barbershop.

We hope this helps you along your journey and if you're interested we have great franchise opportunities across Australia.

"Good community good business"

With more and more barbershops opening up, the best way to ensure your business stay profitable and relevant is with a loyal community.

Customer retention is one of the biggest driving factors for any barbershop - that's why we encourage all our stores to focus on community building efforts.

Provide haircuts to those in need, run promotions for local schools and become a genuine part of the community your store is in!

Although there's an upfront cost of time, these relationships become invaluable.

"Customer service is key"

It's now more than a haircut. It's the chat, banter and vibe you share with your customer. Remember their name, take your time and always make sure you're communicating well with what your doing with customers. Treat customers like family and they'll always think of you for a haircut (and might tell a friend about you).


Be on time, but also take your time. A haircut should be as long as it needs to be, though it's always important to remember customers don't like waiting long!

It's a hard and a tough ask at times but being able to serve customers in a timely manner definitely doesn't hurt your barbershop.

"Treat them like friends and family"

The touch of personality of the staff and the owner can set the tone for the entire shop. Friendly interactions, a "nice smile," and even "having a small chit chat" can enhance the overall customer experience. It's these small gestures that often leave a lasting impression.

"Quality over quantity"

Quality service is a recurring theme in the insights from our store owners. Whether it's the products used, the techniques employed, or the overall ambiance of the shop, maintaining high standards is non-negotiable.

"Quality, every time"

Customers want the same great haircut every time. They don't want to have to adjust how they style it because you've cut too much from the top. These things add up and it's what makes up the customer experience and feel of your brand. Give the same great haircut and be consistent with it. Customers appreciate it and they'll come back.

The road to a successful barbershop is paved with dedication, community engagement, and a relentless focus on quality and customer satisfaction. As our store owners have highlighted, it's the intricate blend of professional skills and personal touches that truly makes a barbershop stand out.