Guide: Get The Haircut You Asked For

Victor Young

Marketing & Business Development Manager

I get it - you just want the haircut you asked for. And it’s extremely frustrating when your barber messes up the haircut despite you trying you best to communicate what you wanted in a haircut. This short guide is to help you speak and chat it up with your barber so you get the haircut you wanted each and every time.


  • Bring a photo that matches your hair type and face shape
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions
  • Understand the different types of haircuts available

Bring photos & videos with multi-angles

When it comes to explaining your desired haircut, a photo can make all the difference. Ensure you bring in images showing multiple angles of the haircut – the front, side, and back. This not only helps you clarify what you want but also allows your barber to fully see what you're seeing.

Don't forget about those Reels and TikToks. Barbershops and Barbers often showcase haircuts from various angles and in different lighting conditions, providing a more comprehensive view of the style.

Face Shape & Haircuts Matters

Your face shape plays a crucial role in determining which haircut will suit you best. For instance, those with rounder face shapes might want to avoid cutting too close on the sides, as it could accentuate the roundness.

Here are some modern haircut suggestions based on face shapes:

  • Oval Face: Lucky you! Most haircuts suit this balanced shape. Try a quiff or pompadour to add some height.
  • Round Face: Opt for haircuts with volume on top and less on the sides, like a side-parted pompadour.
  • Square Face: Embrace your strong jawline with an undercut or a crew cut.
  • Rectangle Face: Avoid haircuts that add height. A side part or a slicked-back style works well.
  • Diamond Face: Go for styles that add width to your forehead and chin, such as a fringe or longer layers.

What's your Hair Type?

Your hair's characteristics, be it straight, wavy, curly, thick, or thin, significantly impact how a haircut will look on you. Reflect on your hair's natural tendencies and your hairline, as these factors will guide you towards the most flattering styles.

Try and find photos and videos of hairstyles/haircuts similar to your face shape & hair type so you'll be in less of a shock that the haircut doesn't match.

Talk it out

When in doubt, talk it out. Your barber is there to help, and asking questions can only lead to a better haircut experience. Don't forget to mention any work or school policies that might restrict certain styles. For instance, some schools may have rules against very short fades.